List of Works

(in alphabetical order)


American Remix (2010) 5 min

Burnin’ Rubber/Visions of Vivaldi (1995) 4 min.
2222-4331 Tmp 2 perc. Hp. Strings

First Symphony (The Adirondacks) (2008) 25 min.
3332-4331 Tmp 4 perc. Hp. Strings

Four Love Songs (1981) 16 min.
2222-4331 Tmp 2 perc. Hp. Strings, Sop. solo

Fun Music (2016) 5 min.
2222-4-3-3-1 Tmp-2 perc. Hp. Strings

Sinfonietta (1986) 15 min.
3332-4331 Tmp 2 perc. Hp. Strings

String Orchestra

A Gathering of Voices (2019) 5 min.

O Virtous Light (2016) 13 mi8n.

Serenade (2001) 10 min.

Sky Blue Adagio (2018) 12 min.


Dark Music (2016) 13 min.
Solo Bb Clarinet and String Orchestra

Spirit of the Lake (2005) 12 min.
Solo Oboe and String Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

House of Noir (2018) 15 min.
Fl/Picc, Oboe/EH, Cl/Bs Cl, Al Sx, Bsn, Bb Tpt, Tbn, Dr Set,
Pno, Strings.

Three Apparitions (2011) 12 min.
Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn and Strings

Chamber Ensemble

At the Art Gallery, Part II (Water Music) (2005) 13 min.
Pno, Perc. (1 player)

Aria and Frenzy (2009) 9 min.
Vln, Vla, Vc, Pno.

Bad Robots (2010) 14 min.
Fl, Vla, Vc.

Dances and Romances (1994) 13 min.
Vln, Vc, Pno

Dream-Land (1992) 13 min.
Text by Edgar Allan Poe
Fl, Sop v.

Emersonia (2012) 12 min.
FL, Vc, Pno

Fifteen Fake Folk Songs (2003) 14 min.
Wwd. quintet

Ghost Rhapsodies (1983) 14 min
Fl, Cl, Cb, Mrba, Perc (1 player)

Great Lakes Concertante (2018) 12 min.
Vc, Pno.

Octet (1988) 10 min.
Fl, Cl, Hn, 2 Vlns, Vla, Vc, Cb.

Percussion Symphony (2000) 12 min.
Perc (4 players)

Rock’n in Rhythm and Ritual (2006) 12 min.
Pno, mult Perc.

Rumble (1983) 11 min
Cb, Tba, Perc (1 player) and high quality boombox

Second String Quartet (1987) 14 min.

Space Squid (2018) 13 min.
3 Tbns, Pno.

Stick it (1974) 12 min
Perc. (1 player)

Stolen Moments in Green and Blue (2019) 12 min.
Vln, Pno.

A Tide of Voices (1981) 8 min

Triplicity (1996) 12 min.
Fl, Vla, Bs. Cl.

Whale-Tronica (1999) 10 min
Sax Quartet: Sop, Al, Ten, Bari.


Bronx Bomber Boogie Woogie (1995) 3 min.

Dancing with a Phantom (1984) 9 min.

Three Seascapes (2011) 10 min.

Veni Creator Spiritus Boogie Woogie (2001) 3 min.


Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge (1999)
SATB and fixed media

Once Upon a Homicide (2020)
SSA and String orch. (also version for piano) 12 min.

Prelude and 5 Dreams of Walt Whitman (2005) 13 min.
SATB and Pno. Text by Walt Whitman

Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge (1999)
SATB and fixed media

Big Band

Executive Time (2017) 3.5 min.
534 + Rhythm section

U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Ostinato) (2016) 3.5 min.
534 + Rhythm section


At the Art Gallery Part I (2001) 10 min.
SSAA a cappella

Earth and Man (2005) 2 min.
SATB a cappella Text by August Stopford Brooke

I Stand with You (2006) 2.5 min.
SATB a cappella Text by Walt Whitman

Missa Brevis (1997) 9 min.
SATB a cappella Trad. Latin text

Plankton (1996) 2 min.
Children’s Choir, Pno. Text by Edmund Cionek

Tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the Gerald Ford Presidential Administration (1999) 2.5 min.
SATB a cappella

Two Poems by Carl Sandburg (2003) 4 min.
SATB a cappella
Jazz Fantasia
Prayers of Steel

Solo Voice

Four Love Songs (1981) 15 min.
Sop, Pno (also version with orch.)

Poets to Come (2018) 20 min.
Baritone, Orch (also version with piano)

Dramatic Works

Attack of the 50 Foot Walt Whitman (2004) 60 min.
Text by Walt Whitman from “Leaves of Grass”
SATB, multi media

Elizabeth Frankenstein (2021) 90 min.
Libretto by Maryanne Bertollo
Adapted from Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley.

TRI-SCI-FI: a Chillogy (2003) 60 min.
Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge
Libretto by Albert Evans
Henry David Thoreau: One Step Beyond
Libretto by Albert Evans and Patti Wyss
Space: an Opera in Capsule Form
Libretto by Dennis Deal
(all also available as separate works)

Theatrical Orchestrations

Yankee Doodle Dandy (2006) full length musical
(with Patti Wyss)
Book by David Armstrong

Streakin’ thru the 70’s! (2007) full length revue
(with Patti Wyss)
Book by James Rocco and Albert Evans