Edmund Cionek Reviews

American Remix “is an imaginatively and skillfully crafted piece…” Courtney Caublé , The Ridgefield Press (CT)

Burnin’ Rubber/Visions of Vivaldi “is just plain fun to listen to..” Elizabeth Bruton, Charlotte Observer

Dancing with a Phantom “..suitably arcane…” The London Times

Ed Wood Jr.: The Sinister Urge “The Accidentals is the best and most interesting a cappella group I have seen in years. Their homage to cult rotten-film director Ed Wood, Jr. is just one example of what makes them unique…” Roy Sander, Backstage.

First Symphony “The Adirondacks” “…an expressive musical painting, with layers of color and tone swirling throughout the hall, which is the canvas. Hickory Daily Record

Ghost Rhapsodies “…wonderfully evocative…” Tim Page, The New York Times

SPACE: an Opera in Capsule Form “..is a screamingly funny new chamber opera.” Strad Magazine.

TRI-SCI-FI: a Chillogy “authentically bizarre” The Village Voice

TRI-SCI-FI: a Chillogy “a top-ten pick of the FringeNYC 2004 season” Show Business

Whale-Tronica “…would make the villagers put down their torches and pitchforks and start dancing” Nan Lincoln, Bar Harbor Times